School Projects

Building virtual worlds

Part of the immersion semester, BVW gives small teams of students two weeks to create a virtual world, with new groups and goals for each round. I've developed not only my professional skills but also cooperation and communication ability .

smart beach ball - Internet of things

We experimented with small platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino along with sensors and engaging outputs to create highly physical connected devices. The potential applications are endless. Our IoT prototypes interact with people and their environment in a unique way, while also taking advantage of data and APIs in the cloud. Join us as we explore the possibilities!

Project website

solidarity - RpG mobile game

Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, working with Intermediate Unit 1, Colonial Campus, creating a RPG style multiplayer mobile game – “Solidarity”, to help students overcome social and emotional difficulties, especially in the area of communication, through the power of teamwork.

Project website

"Mid-term" short Animation

I served as props modeling, as well as hair simulation and part of animation. This animation was selected for screening at KLIK! Amsterdam’s 2014 animation festival.